oil pump at dusk on the Fennessey Ranch

Photo taken by Bill Harvey

The Fennessey Ranch is part of a legendary 750,000 acre Texas land empire that has remained in the same family for 171 years.  The ranch consists of 4,000 acres of abundant wetlands, meadows, natural lakes, riparian woods and brush land and bordered on three sides by the Mission River. The Fennessey is located in the heart of the Central Flyway along a region of the Texas coastline known as the “Coastal Bend.”  The Fennessey has opened its gates for a wide array of unique recreational opportunities.

Foggy dawn on the Fennessey Ranch

Photo taken by Dean Johnstone

Fennessey Ranch Honey

The busiest bees in Texas are on the Fennessey Ranch and they are creating the best wild honey in the business! Yes folks, it’s true, it’s unpasteurized, it’s organic, it’s oh so good.  Hurricane Harvey forced our bees to take a break on making honey until next summer, but we will guarantee that it will be just as good as before AND we’ll be selling it for $10.00 a jar.   

Spider and it's web

Photo taken by Bill Harvey

orange and brown Butterfly

Photo taken by Dean Johnstone

Wildlife in Focus

Fourth Grand Prize Best in Show award

The Photography duo Dean Johnstone and Bill Harvey submitted a fine body of work from their time on the Fennessey during the Wildlife in Focus Contest. Their efforts proved them worthy of the Fourth Grand Prize Award. We will continue to post pictures of their entries on our website as well as our Facebook page.

 Bill Harvey’s great shot of an alligator

Bill Harvey’s great shot of this alligator in a pond brought the team Best in Show!

Volunteer of the Year award

Jeannie Dahl even took home an award for the volunteer of the year!

Hello Possums,

Hurricane Harvey hit us hard. Our office wound up in Copano Bay along with lots of records and 24 years of journals on the Fennessey Ranch. We had recorded wildlife sightings, rainfall, deer harvests and bird sightings. Now it really is in Famous Shoes’ memory!

Harvey made landfall in Rockport and raced across Mission Bay to hit Bayside head on. Then spread widely through Refugio County.

Harvey also ripped through the Fennessey Ranch with terrific winds and over 20 inches of rain. 200 year old pecan trees were uprooted and the effects of tornados and high winds severely damaged the 9 miles of riparian area along the Mission River. All was not negative as our wetlands are fully charged and it may have knocked back the bulrush that was taking over as an effect of the 7 year drought!

Biologist are studying the effects of Harvey along the coastal bend of Texas. It may have been devastating for smaller bird species. We should be recording species such as meadowlarks in large number at this time of year. I have seen one. Cardinals and green jays are curiously absent. Larger birds and mammals seem to have fared better.

The bald eagles came back! Albeit 34 days late. The bald eagle pair has been nesting on the Fennessey for 10 years and have always arrived to mate and rebuild their nest by September 22, 23, or 24. This year October 28th Famous shoes and 14, 4th graders spotted the bald eagles!

We cancelled the Hawk Watch this year and the Hummingbird Trips. We also cancelled the Monarch Day we host for over 300 5th graders due to damage.

We will be back!

Please note our office phone number is gone but we have our cell phones, 361-441-9260 or 361-944-4792.

– Famous Shoes