Fennessey Ranch Customized Trips


We can work with you to design a customized trip for your family or group; whether you are interested in seeing specific flora or fauna, or taking a general tour. Pack a picnic and enjoy the day with your personal guide. Take a ride through wetlands, prairie, and river bottoms to view many species of birds, plants, and animals. A minimum of 2, maximum of 10 is required for a trip.


Fennessey Ranch Birding Trips

The Fennessey Ranch has very primitive areas that we have opened up for birding and wildlife tours. We will open a tour date for a minimum of 2 people and add birders until we have a maximum of 6. Call to find if we have a trip we are filling, or open a new date. The cost is $105 per person with a ranch guide and an experienced naturalist to accompany your group for a full day in the field. Come enjoy a day on the ranch!

We also work with Captain Tommy Moore and the Rockport Skimmer to offer Surf & Turf birding tours. This is 1/2 day on the ranch and 1/2 day on the water for $105 a day per person. Minimum of 4.

We are now able to receive credit card payment by phone.


The Green Jay

by Jim Blackburn
During the spring migration on the Fennessey Ranch
Off of FM 2678 near Refugio, Texas.

They call it “Fennessey magic”,
That wonderful coalescence of nature and spirit
That happens in special places,
Places that have been set aside and preserved for the birds
And other living things with whom we share the Earth.

The Mission River is running high and dark.
The orioles are in the treetops across the river.
A green kingfisher dashes by.
A flock of Franklin’s Gulls lopes by when
Someone hears an owl in the woods behind us.
Our guide hoots back at it and it appears,
A barred owl coming to check out the visitors
To its domain.
And then – the peaceful moment
Of a shared encounter explodes
In an eruption of green and yellow and black and blue
As one and then two and then three
Green jays cry out and attack the stoic owl
That sits there and looks only mildly annoyed
At the green avengers who put on an aerial display
Of noise and color while the owl stands firm,
Granting us a glimpse at the way life is lived
Here in the riparian woods.

This is the magic of the Fennessey Ranch,
A landmark chapel in the Church of the Earth,
A special place where I came to worship
And got in touch with a power higher than myself
Off of FM 2678 west of Copano Bay
In Refugio County.

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