Exciting news for all you shutterbugs!! We at the Fennessey are offering an exciting opportunity for you to partner with us. The Fennessey Sharp Shooters Photo Club is off and running! Avoid the stampede and JOIN! Many wonderful amenities will be available with this membership. You can become a card-filling, sharp shooting, photo stalking wrangler. As a member of the Club, you may go scouting for critter photo ops on your own. Club membership will give you unescorted access to the ranch during prime months of the year. Take advantage of our blinds or venture off the not so beaten path. There are over 3500 acres to explore with a bouty of wildlife, flora and beautiful vistas. You will thrill at the abundance of wildlife. The insect population offers extraordinary macro photo ops. Our photo blinds are maintained, baited and waiting for you to visit the ranch. Just drive in, park yourself in a blind and they will come! More than one photographer has won prestigious awards out here on the ranch, and you could be the next winner! There are nature trails, picnic areas and a pavilion on the ranch. Camp housing and guides can be arranged for reasonable fees. You will be privy to wildlife reports specific to the Fennessey. All in all, this is very exciting stuff and we are eager to start.

Membership is limited, so saddle up and enroll in the Fennessey Sharp Shooters Photo Club!

There are five different memberships available ranging from bronze to platinum with individual, family, group and corporate rates.

For more info call Sally “Famous Shoes” at (361) 529-6600 or Todd Steele at (713) 705-2370.

Look at what some of our visitors has to say…

“Went to the Fennessey today and took some shots of various critters….the Artesian Blind was very active so I was able to get images of a variety of birdies and critters doing what they do best….EAT”


Here are some great shots taken from  our photo blinds!


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Photos by Erick Schlegel

Have a question? Call: 361-529-6600 or E-mail us at Info@fennesseyranch.com to describe your unique interest and we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate you.

~Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest~

Wildlife in Focus IV, The 4th book of award winning wildlife images photographed in the Coastal Bend of Texas is now available and makes a wonderful Christmas present. This book is dedicated to Fennessey owner, Brien O’Connor Dunn.  The ranch has been a participant in this contest all four years and many magnificent photos of the Fennessey and other participating ranches can be found in these books.

Visit: www.wildlifephotocontest.com for more information.