Star Parties

This is ideal for birthdays, company get-togethers, family parties, or any large gathering.

This experience begins at the main gate with a hayride.  It’s early evening, so the nocturnal animals are beginning to emerge and forage. We disembark at our pavilion overlooking McGuill Lake, a 200-acre freshwater marsh.  As you roast hotdogs around a cozy campfire, you hear the marsh birds jockeying for roosting positions.  Then the lights are extinguished and the sky delivers the evening’s entertainment.


Away from the city lights, the heavens are ablaze with thousands of twinkling stars. Bring your binoculars, as they are the ideal tool for viewing the night sky.  We will locate and identify familiar constellations, as well as lesser-known ones.  We will take a closer look at the moon and whatever planets happen to be viewable.  We are always on the lookout for binary stars and nebulas.  Everyone is given a star map to aid in identification.