Hunting Opportunities

Hunting opportunities abound on the Fennessey Ranch due to a unique blending of varied habitat including wetland marshes, riparian forests, grasslands, mesquite prairie, and riverfront.

2018 Wild Boar Hunts

February 3rd
February 10th
February 17th
February 24th
March 3rd
March 10th
March 17th
April 14th
April 28th

(Reservations Required)


Mollie Runnebohn downed her first hog when she and dad Jason came for opening day.  Congratulations Mollie, great shot!

 Cost: $185 per day

(Lunch included)

Our Hog Hunts will set your skills against one of the smartest, quickest, stealthiest and aggressive game animals in South Texas, the descendants of the Russian Boar. Whether you are an experienced hunter or just getting your feet wet, this will be a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and you just might bag the tusker of a lifetime. Your day will start at sunrise where our guides will place you in an African style brushblind. You will have an opportunity to harvest one boar. Each blind has been carefully placed and baited for optimum success. If you do not harvest a hog in the morning we will allow you an afternoon opportunity. There will be a maximum of 7 hunters on the Fennessey for a hunt. The ranch provides guides that will skin and quarter your hog for you; however you will have to make arrangements to have your meat processed. We recommend you bring mosquito repellant, good boots and an ice chest for your meat as well as any hunting gear you require. Spaces are limited so pick up the phone and call us at (361) 441-9260 or (361) 944-4792 to reserve your blind.

Hunts begin at 5:30 a.m.


What to Bring:

Texas Hunting License/Voucher – Call 1-800-TX-LIC4U

Mosquito Spray

Appropriate Clothing

Ice Chest


Call (361) 441-9260 or (361) 944-4792 to reserve a date 


E-mail us at with

your reservation information!


Here is a picture of me and the hog I took at Fennessey Ranch on Feb
13th. I’d like to thank Roy, one of the excellent guides and Steven,
who did an outstanding job of skinning and field butchering the hog.


 It was a great experience and I hope to come back someday. Finally, I would highly
recommend FAT’s Market in Rockport, TX for butchering, shrink wrapping,
and freezing your game for take-home. They do an excellent job for a
very reasonable price.

Thanks Again,

Jerry Edde


Just wanted to let you know that Marcus (my 6-year old) and I had a great hunt on Saturday. We bagged a very nice boar in the afternoon.


What really made the hunt special was your guide, Stephen Cantu. He was very knowledgeable about the ranch and hog hunting. But the biggest deal to me was that Stephen went out of his way to make sure my son had a great experience. He represented your ranch extremely well.

We made a lot of memories on Saturday and look forward to doing it again next year.

Barry Phillips